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Government Grants

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 in response to zebra123...   For Michigan, we would go back to Family Court. If the court papers say every other week you get the kids- then so be it.Go on computer, your state, find the law in family court. Hopefully it shouldn't cost you. Remember I am not a lawyer, just a grandma that will be doing the same once my son gets home. Never be a shame to ask questions in court. The people that work their get paid.
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I want to start an at home business where I buy the product and ?% off then sell it to to gain that ?% back in my pockets (at home representative) and start a photography business as well (I am an amateur but would like to make calendars, have gallery showings, etc...) which I need money to start both of them. With both of those I also need a vehicle to do a lot of traveling...which I currently do not own a car and can't get one b/c of funds and credit. I also need a small easy to travel with laptop...for my laptop as of right now is literally falling apart...probably due to all the traveling it has done in the last 3 years or so. I need to know if there is a grant/s out there that can help me with these things?
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i was involve in car incident and the driver lied about his insurance info so i am out of work an lots of medical bills and without a car, is there any government assistant that i can apply for because i have 0 income right now to live
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I'm about to graduate college to become a teacher!! With graduation, comes the repayment of student loans :( could anyone please let me know if there are grants out there to help teachers.. I know about the Student Union, but they don't offer anything until after 5 years of working at a title 1 school. I owe more then what I actually make a year! if anyone has any information.........
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i have a 3 year old ill be 20 in july. i am trying to get as much information about how this grant situation works. school,housing any benifets that anyone could give me information clues or tips on how to go about and get them started would be great ... its a hard world but you have to do what you need to get by in life...any opioions?
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Is there any kind of grants or low % loans to buy a car? I am a single mom that goes to college full time and I only work a couple nights a week bartending.
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am Permanently disabled on SSDI due to degenerative arthritis in both thumb/wrists. I have had 11 surgeries and many joints fused and bones removed. I wish to relocate to AZ from Minnesota because the cold climate causes chronic pain that I can no longer tolerate. I have lived in Tucson, AZ before and feel the dry climate would help very much. I would like to work again if I am able without pain. Please help me I dont know where to find the right grant to apply for relocation and even cannot write my own grant to apply. I need direction.
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I am unemployed, former hotel manager. I would like to start up my own business. Where should I look for goverment monies available for single women?
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My mom has a home with A huge lot. She wants to build a house in the back. Is there Any special loan or grant for this? We live in a historical zone. Also is there a way to avoid the lein n my mom's house to build another house? Perhaps I got the loan? And if I do would that still be 1st homebuyer credit?
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Has anyone heard of the goverment paying to have a swimming pool instaled for a disabled person for exercising?
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 in response to Lost in Pa.... Good Luck
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Lost in Pa.
I am on unemployment and want to go back to school for Dental Asst. I am 49 yrs old and have no other skills but bartending, how can i get free funding for school...??
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I have been a stay at home dad since 2007 due to my wife's illnesses so I could meet her needs and the needs of our two small children, one of which is autistic.
01Mar2011 she passed away. Now it is me my two children and no work. With my son having the level of autism he does he has been classified as disabled.
I am seeking work but that does not help the right now. Where can I go and get the needed advice and/or assistance.
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i am looking to build a handicap accessible home for my son (3yrs) who is disabled and of course the rest of us, does anyone know of any help for us? I am a working single mom and seem to be caught in the middle class gap!!
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I am a Truck Driver and I hate my job. I want to go back to school to become an Accountant. I am wondering if there is any Finacial Aide or something to help pay bills. I am willing to work while in school, but all I have done for the past 13 years is drive a truck. My wife doesnt work. She has never worked. I need help!
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 in response to ladolcewhim...   Everyone does not regret joining the military.
Yes,we make great sacrifices. Like many before, its our duty to serve our country.
This female joined. I retired from the military. I don't regret joining.

Any questions?
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   Bad call! They don't pay that money for nothing. You'll regret joining the military.
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 in response to Educated/Jobless...   Take comfort in the fact that take you are not alone. What can you do? Unless you own property, there's not much that the Government can do to you. You could always go overseas and work if you are under 55 or 60. Look at it this way--the business and government people promised everybody the moon if they would just get educated, and they are still pushing the same line today. Keep them advised of your address and e-mail, which is all you can do. Life is simply too short to worry about something that isn't your fault. In taking those loans you simply acted like a good citizen and had faith in your government. Why should you punish yourself for your government's stupidity? Frankly, you probably will never be able to pay it back. Especially if you're over 35. You've got lots of company. Welcome.
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Matthew Lesko
 in response to the artvark...   Please pay attention to the blog at . There are 130 leads in the que for Art, Music, writting and more. Each day for the next 130 days a new lead/program will be posted.
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My father has been diabete for almost 45 years, now he is 84 years old. This time in his life is getting hard of taking care of him, his has one leg and it hard of transport him from bed to wheelchair to the car and back i need help in transporting, wheelchair and bed and new house to make him happy all the time till his last day in eath.

I need an applicatino
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