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Government Grants

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 in response to Starshine...   I tryed to sign up for the wish thing listed on his web site, but it would not accept me for some reason.... will try again. Thanks need to get back home my sis is leaving on Mon Early am and i want to leave asap. Need to be home, my house sitter is getting calls that do not sound very loving....
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 in response to Cherokeeladyaz...

There is his link here hun. Try to apply to ok?

There is a deal in my blog I have to find it a gas program so if you have the time go through my blogs and apply for that too. What do you owe hun?? $300 

I don't get families backing out on each other. So Sorry..

What state are you in now??


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 in response to Starshine...   I will try to find him, no luck so far to be able to speak with him in any form. My phone is off, co there is no calling until i can find money for the $300 bill and arrange to pay the balance as time passes...I dont even have gas money to get home since my daughter has backed out on me. Pray i find a way home for all 5 of us. Hugs 
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 in response to Cherokeeladyaz...   


I know this is really hard for you and can you look up hanks55 here as he knows a lot and I am sure I asked you to seek him for help..Ok hun

 I love you 


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You are so very right. I married into a Native American family, my husband was murdered and now i loose my home and everything I and he have vested for the last 20 years of ourl lives. There is NO assistance to re-locate me or assist me in any way. I am 63 and in a wheel chair with NO assistance except for my 19 yr old grand daughter who is also disabled and unable to focus on my needs .  I need a place to go as well as a moving van, and some one to help pack boxes and load then later unload and put away>> this all cost lots of $$$$$$$$$$. which social security does not provide enough for my truck payment to carry my chair much less pay the dr or buy food or medication on the same check.... This is what i worked all my life was to starve and be medically neglected in my older years... Great life i guess...


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I am a single mom and work to get by...Just recently my car broke down and I can't offord to fix it...I'v been attempting to get loans to purchase a car from a lot.. However because I have new credit no one is willing to help me....Is there any government programs that can assist with purchasing a car?

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 in response to phil...   Just wanted to make a small comment,.....been to, and a good start. The thing that is si very true,....there so many sites that 'want to help', but there's that fee thing. People please stay away from those 'fee' offers; some will also start monthly charges, BEWARE. Great post Phil.
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i forgot one of the most important sites to start with its then theres and the list goes on.  check the links at the bottom of the govt pages they refer you to all the best places to find cash and programs to help you with almost anything you can think of..I started working on these a yr or so ago and have gotten housing grants, utility grants education grants technical media grants.. its all there you just have to put the effort into searching..


good luck,


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start with from there go to all the govt sites. dont go to anysite that is gonna ask for you to pay in order to get the info its all free on the govt sites.

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Hello all,

My name is Anthony. I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD. I am 35 and it took them this long to figure it out. Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys if there is any grants out there for people with my condition.



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Bubbles 4

Advocates For Young Deaf Adults is seeking funding to build 200 APT. UNITS Where can I apply for a GRANT?

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queen bee

I am retired and live off of social securty and have 3 grandchildren to raise i need to have a four bedroom house i have land but no funds for building a home is there a grant that i could apply for


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 in response to David129...   

Hi David129.. I am hoping that the following links will prove you wrong and that you can find the assistance that you seek.  I have done years of research on 'free' money.  I too, came to the conclusion that only non profits can get I actually went as far as to establish my own non profit agency called Voices For Victims, though I am a member of Aidpage as an individual.

 You mention that "there is no such thing because im not a non-profit orginazation".  Logically you need to search outside the box.  Since you have already found out that the non profits get grants, then the next most likely conclusion is that -non profits are the ones that give the grants to individuals such as yourself.  You are on the right track.  You need to take the next step and find out which non profits in your area are receiving the grants to assist individuals.  The grants that they get, are ultimately supposed to land in the hands of individuals, and that is you.  These grants need to be allocated to the designated recipients within a specific time period.  Since they are the grantee, that would make you the beneficiary.  Change your search to include the word beneficiary and you will find alot more results

Regarding finding assistance for home purchase, you want to start of course with HUD.  Their link is 

The first page will take you into whatever subject that you are researching.  Remember, find the non profits or state agencies that are receiving money in your area and then hit them up directly. 

When I first started looking for assistance, I kept thinking global like you are, when actually my search should have focused on local.  It is your own home town agencies that are the key to finding the funds that you are seeking.

Although you won't find a magical grant that will just get handed to you, and you will need to do some major leg work, you can most definitely find the money that you are seeking.

 Here's a few government links to get you started:

To buy a home in CA. go to

For mortgage restructure or foreclosure assistance

For an affordable apartment search in your area go here:


If you still are not finding what you need, write me back and I will get you more leads.

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Best of luck to You!
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Pat McMann
 in response to eagerone...   

Hi eagerone,

WAYS TO WORK provides small loans to low-income parents who cannot get loans elsewhere.

Phone: 866-252-7171

Web Site:

Hope this helps.

God Bless,

Pat McMann

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We are in need of cash to repair our OTR tractor.  Any grant money or rich guardian angel out there?  Bankrupt and can not apply for a loan.

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 in response to dhuey...   Thank you so much for the information.
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 in response to bbrown88...   Have you tried unemployment?
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You have my deepest sympathy. I'll give what advice I can. You letter is too wordy, the details are not neessary (please do not be offended) I'm telling you in case you need to write a similiar description to someone else. Keep it simple, exactly what do you need.


Also, I'm not sure you are on the right site (this does not sound like a grant issue, but maybe I'm wrong). As a disabled person myself, it seems that out group falls through the cracks. I have slightly too much to qualify for medicaid, but not enough to pay my bills. The state process can take months, you can die in the process and then get turned down.


Unless someone else more knowledgable on this site has better ideas, I would suggest, appealling to foundations and charities that address your cause. Or perhaps a medical center who takes hardship cases. You could appeal to you insurance for special consideration -especially if i would save them money in the long run.

 Good luck, I hope you are not having severe pains, although I suspect you are. Do you have any assets to sell for the surgery? Have you tried a church?



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