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Government Grants

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Hi. My name is Kami Scheible. I am a single mother of 2 and the dad abandoned us in 2004. I am attending Modern Technology in Fountain Valley, Ca to become and Ultrasound Technician.  I did get Fafsa for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, but still have to pay back $15,000.00. Is there any grants out there for me that I don't have to pay back. I really don't think I will be able to pay back any loans when I graduate. I will have to still take care of myself and my 2 kids.

My email is if any could please help me it would truly be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Im 65 years old , a veteran and low income. I live in warren Ohio and own my house. My roof leaks bad and im in need of assistance in getting a new roof shingeled. I might also need some other repairs done to my home. What programs are available so i can at least get the roof fixed before it gets any worse. Any help greatly appreciated

Thank You


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 in response to MR change...   

If you are looking for loans as opposed to grants then the best place for you to start looking is with the Small Business Administration - SBA for short.

They have loan programs for those that want to start their own business. 

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 in response to Betina1...   The information about this writing competion can be found online.  Please bear in mind that this is not a government grant but one being offered by a non-governmental organization.
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MR change

I want to start a wind and solar energy company in STpetersburg fla.How can i find the goverment loans to start up a green  business?

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 in response to Roseb441702...   Hi, I would like to know more about where to find the writing competition for writers. My daughter and I are working on a book. Once the illustrations are finished we'll be ready for publishing. I already have a publisher waiting for our book and she has all the information I would need from her when I apply for a grant. Her last client just went through it so she knows what I will need. Where can I find the organization that sets aside a special funding program for writers? I appreciate you reading this and any info. you can give me.
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 in response to LilMama19...   The most simplest answer is that you are just not doing it right.  You may be trying too hard!  It is just a simple matter of finding the dirct site that is offering the grant information.
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 in response to LawDawg...   

First of all writing does not give meaning to your life.  YOU give meaning to your life!

With that being said, the way to get grant information without having to pay a fee is to go directly to the grant program itself.  If you go to the government's official website where they list all of their grant programs you will see that they do not charge you for applying for their grants.

As far as grants relating to writers go here are a few excerpts from my blog:

There is an annual competition for writers and the first prize is that they will receive a publishing contract with a major publishing company.

There is also an organization that sets aside a special funding program for writers.

You could also win a $100,000 cash prize if you like to wirte compose a work of 3,500 words that "address personal reflections, journalist report and scientific inquiry, as well as essays which are purely fiction." There will be 19 winners sharing $500,000 and this contest is being sponsored by an organization.

Also you say you want to get a grant to start a business but you don't say what kind of business that you want to start.  I do know that there is a grant program for minorities who want to start their own business and the grant award is $20,000 but as you can see there is an eligibility requirement that you must first be a minority.

Another thing that I should point out is that you do not automatically get a grant!  You have to apply for it and your application has to be chosen based on its merits.

It is not as easy and as simple as "just" getting a grant! 

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Well Why is it that I can find "information" about grants and scholarships but cant realy find any to apply for. Im a single mother. ud think it would be a lil easier than this. Message me at Please. I could realy use ur help

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hello my name is Daniel Bayless and im disababled and want to get a grant to write a book and also one to start a business bur i cant afford to pay money to get these grants can you help me find one that i dont have to pay out of pocket money to get ? I want to writwe a book that can give meaning to ,my life.

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I have a relative who recently suffered a stroke from a diabetic episode.  While she is in rehab and recovery, her home needs to be seriously cleaned and updated to meet her new needs.  She lives alone and has no funds available to do this.  I am willing to get the work done, but am asking for financial assistance to pay for it.  Please guide me to any resources who offer donations or grants to low income, diabetic patients.  Thank you so much.

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I am a 57 year old vibrant male. I am in need of some sort of spinal cord surgery to combat problems with my vertabrea and vertabral disks. I have narrowed the field down to two types of surgery that could be performed, namely conventional and laser scopic surgeries. I prefer to have the laser surgery. The conventional surgery is fraught with pitfalls. It requires to have my chest cavity to be cut wide open. One slip with the scalpal could resutlt in permenant peralysis or I could bleed to death. The surgion who would be in charge of the surgery said it would not help me. On the other hand, laser surgery requires only a one inch incision at the base of the spine in which to incert a one half inch hose up through the spinal canal. Via this hose laser tools can be incerted to work on the problems. The laser surgery is 87% sucecessful. A sucessful surgery could enable me to get up on my feet and walk, ALTHOUGH i HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO WALK IN OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS ! My insurance does not cover the lasor surgery, and I am on a disability income all of which I use to cover the costs of staying at a nursing home. I would need $18,500 to cover costs of the surgery and $850 for a wheelchair accessible ambulance ride to and from the hospital. I need $19,530 total grant funding. 

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In searching the web for grant funds for our multifunctional Community Development Corporation, it was noticed that the date to submit applications are all designated for 2005.

Is this an unrealistic date, are theser grant applications ongoing into 2010?


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try there are some non fee sites there are so many sites for disabled people you just have to find one that you want also grant funding resource is good you pay $1.80 for 2 weeks of all there servises just cancell your card but you have grant writers grant links and toll free numbers there also look at your state grants . Good luck and hope you find what you're looking for



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I would like information on schlorships:grants besides the Pell Grant. I am in my 2.5 yr of college and I am looking for money to help pay for my education.

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 in response to k.robb...   Have you tried looking under HUD for funding? Also the Department of Health and Human Services can help. If you live in Manhattan, The New York Foundation has a library that has grants for everything. They can even help with setting up a 501c3 Non-Profit. Hope this helps!
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 in response to k.robb...   One of the first things that you should do is to check your own state's website - that is a good starting place - to see what kinds of grants they have available.  The government has a program where they will give property to localities and those localities will then in turn sell or rent the property for a value less than normal.
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I am looking for a grant to fix up our home. It needs a lot of T.L.C. Tried to find grant but keep running into sites where you have to pay prossing fees. Pray you can help.

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Hello, I have been searching for a place to find a grant. We are trying to get funding for a home for abused and neglected children and every time we think we have found the right place, it turns up to be a dead end. Can anyone please tell me where I could go to get what we need to get this started?

Thank you,

K. Robb

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If you need help paying for prescriptions you can print up a free discount card at  Free to have.  Free to use.  Accepted at more than 60,000 pharmacies.  Savings can sometimes reach 75% off.

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