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Government Grants

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I won't to open a food truck and I need a lone
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I am Looking to start a non profit business . I would like to help the local people in my county with any assistance needed an also help children at our local hospital or parents that can't afford the hospital bills for their children . I have considered opening a non profit thrift store with all funds going to the community an the hospital however I am looking for a grant to help me get the business started an get my 501C3 for me to be a non profit business. Does anyone know what grant an how I should go about this an maybe how long it takes to know if you can get the help ?
woman in a shoe   in reply to Helper2015
No this site is for given information for what every any one ask for if there any help for what they asking for
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Helper2015   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you for replying. I thought I was the only one here for a minute. I thought this was a government grant site.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Helper2015
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2010 i don't know any place that helps with a grant of any kind.
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I'm working for a non profit Korean American Senior Citizen Society and i was wondering if this grant would apply to the seniors too??
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Help in starting a resturant
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ECFC10
Hi the person u posted to hasn't been for some years now but we only know information for the states
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I am wondering if this Grant can be utilized to fund our County Fire Academy which is run through our County College and severely under funded, therefore the instructors are not properly equipped to teach. They lack Personal Protective Equipment as well as educational props such as nozzles, hose, hand tools and power tools.
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hi my name is bubba an im a registered native american an i wanted too see what i would have to do to get a grant to start a cattle ranch ive got the property already
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woman in a shoe   in reply to toddpyles
Hi the person u have posted to not been on here for some year s now. But we can only give y info where u mite get help. But there no resources that will pay for schooling for any one but for help with bills type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state for food call church s and see which one give out food or u can call food pantry some churchs have a clothes closet hope this can help u. Hope U HAVING A GOOD LABOR DAY I had to work
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toddpyles   in reply to twarren
I'm in Oregon too so if I found something I will you know
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I'm a single father with a 15 year old daughter and I need to go back to school to get my coating inspector so I can stay home with my daughter. I have been in the coatings trade for 15 years and have traveled for most of the time. In the city I live in there's no work at the time. So I need help if anyone knows how to go about getting some help because I have not a clue I have always work and have never ask for help....
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need help paying fees for my daughter who is gonna b a senior in high school. is there any help available in oregon.
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Almost all my teeth are broken from a drunk driver illegally here 2004. I am a single parent. I lost my construction business and became disabled and have undergone more than 15 surgeries on knees legs heart lungs and i have a head injury. My children would like a home of our own . Im nor sure how to achieve this dream since now im on disability. I want to have a home. We live in bad and dangerous areas. We end up moving losing our things because noone wants to help move us we dont stay one place long. Foreclosures from landlords, or crime etc.
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Respect2glory   in reply to sailorman13
Wow, the house has been mostly democrats. You drank the koolaid too, if you can't even look that up on the site for yourself! Have a blessed day!
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applepicker   in reply to ASandy4U
buy a ten dollar large tarp and cover the roof the plastic tarp will keep you dry
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Hay can any body tell me where I can find an updated list of federal grants. Everything here is from 2005 most of witch nolonger taking applications
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Willow2012   in reply to diva senior
Go on internet and type in help for seniors and go from there.
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diva senior
I,m a senior going through breast cancer treatments,and my house is full of moisture taht cause mold. is their a program,or funds to help seniors
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